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Downloaded by more than 21,000 driving enthusiasts across North America, the Insider’s Guide to the Nurburgring is your go-to resource for visiting one of motorsport’s most legendary racetracks. Inside you’ll find:

  • How I came to be obsessed with the Nordschleife
  • Who should go (hint, you’re a good candidate!)
  • The “Nurburgring Ladder” from spectating to track days to racing
  • How to prepare to tackle the Ring
  • When to go, how to get there and where to stay
  • Curated list of helpful resources and links
  • How to obtain the FIA license and DPN permits required for racing

Combined, it’s 42 pages of useful information, accompanied by gorgeous photographs, will make you feel ready to go! Here’s what people are saying about it:

“Good mix of facts with excitement of what it’s like to be on track.” – Burr C.

“I have visited numerous [Nurburgring] websites and magazine articles and was able to only piecemeal parts of what is contained in your 42 pages!” -Jason A.

“Thanks to your fine work, my bucket list just got longer.” – Stephen J.

“I’m late for work because I sat here going through the guide” – Mark G.

“Very practical, excellent detail that will eliminate any uncertainty as to how to set up a visit and what to expect.” -Tedd H.

“This guide is amazing.  Like you said, I read the whole thing straight through.” -Mark C.

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